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Investment Diamonds

Turning Diamonds into gold.

Introducing investors to the worlds first NON ETF backed commodity. You actually take physical possession of your assets.

Diamonds and the one percents:

During past recessions, investment grade quality diamonds have outperformed stocks and bonds, yet most seasoned investors even trillion-dollar asset managers don’t leverage this hard asset. The estimated value of the already mined diamond supply is $1.2 trillion, but 99% of that is used solely for jewelry. Just the remaining 1% is held by investors, mostly trading through reputable high end auction houses. 

Compare that to investor holdings of precious metals: 

Approximately 30% of the world’s gold, 19% of silver,17% of platinum and 15% of both palladium and rhodium. If 15% of pent-up demand is unlocked by a market-traded diamond commodity, investor allocations could amount to $180 billion at current values. 

Precious metals are proven investments in periods of recession, uncertainty and economic crisis. In 2020, gold actually outperformed the S&P 500 stock index, reaching an all-time high price of $2,067 per ounce. The ability to use diamonds as a liquid investment offers investors an opportunity to diversify portfolios and hedge against inflation, and possibly generate a substantial return.

Diamonds are uniquely positioned to rise in value in the coming years. Prices are near an all-time low and the global supply is diminishing. Diamond suppliers estimates a 1%–2% supply decline annually until 2030, with some analysts projecting a drop of up to 5%. Unprecedented investment demand will significantly impact diamond prices in the coming years.

Investors need what diamonds have:

Investors now realize that the leverage of a GIA graded diamond has as an asset. The variations in diamond weight, color and clarity grades result in these valuations. One of our diamond experts can assist with the delivery of a reliably traded asset. 

Transparent Standardization: 

Our diamonds are sourced from around the world via an electronic exchange. Then graded by the worlds most reputable Grading company the Gemological Institute of America or GIA. These Diamonds are graded and valued by Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat weight. Each one of our investment diamonds comes with a diamond dossier report from GIA.  

An Investor’s best friend 

With $1.2 trillion in already mined diamond supply value—more than all the world’s silver and platinum combined—in the eyes of investors, diamonds are beautiful for a different reason. They are a dense, easy to store, portable hard asset. And diamonds are a highly constrained natural resource—no substantial new mine has been discovered in 20 years. 

Historically, diamond prices have been uncorrelated to stocks, bonds and other commodities, and have outperformed these assets in times of uncertainty. 

Diamonds are an incredible asset, at Moss Diamonds we have created transparent accessibility to investment grade diamonds for the first time. As the Diamonds becomes available a secular phase of position building may generate substantial returns for early buyers. 

Diamonds are finally an attractive asset.

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